Who is Responsible for Funding Construction Projects in Los Angeles County, CA?

Public Works is a key player in the planning, scheduling, design and construction of capital improvement projects with an annual project value of $1 billion. The Department of Public Works (DPW) is responsible for the construction, renovation and operation of the city's facilities and infrastructures. These facilities include Los Angeles International Airport, City Hall, Hyperion and Tillman treatment plants, Hyperion and park facilities. Infrastructure includes roads, bridges, sewers, and storm drains.

The Board of Public Works Commissioners are the main administrators of the DPW and oversee the design and execution of departmental projects. They are the only full-time policy-making board in the city and serve as the general manager of the Department of Public Works. The Board is an executive team comprised of five members, selected and appointed by the Mayor of Los Angeles and confirmed by the City Council for five-year terms. The directors of the five offices of the Department and the executive officer of the Public Works Board are accountable to the Public Works Board. The Department of Animal Services provides services that allow people and animals to live together safely in Los Angeles.

In 1937, the Statutes of the City of Los Angeles established the Los Angeles City Employee Retirement System (LACERS) as a retirement trust fund for civilian employees of the City. All regular, full-time, and certified part-time municipal employees are eligible for LACERS benefits, except for employees of the Department of Water and Energy and sworn personnel who are members of the Los Angeles Fire and Police Pensions. The Office also provides for the coordination of the design and construction management of street projects within public right-of-way. The Office also provides garbage collection, disposal and recycling services to 720,000 homes in Los Angeles as well as several facilities in the city. The Office of Contract Management (BCA) is an independent quality control agency within the DPW responsible for ensuring that all Public Works projects are built and managed according to plans, specifications, work agreements, contract provisions, state and federal laws, and safety provisions to protect public safety and achieve desired results.

Specifically, DCR processes all applications for cannabis business licenses in Los Angeles, makes licensing decisions or recommends licenses to Cannabis Regulation Commission, and regulates operations of licensed commercial cannabis companies in the city. The mission of Los Angeles City Tourism Department (CTD) is to attract conventions to a world-class facility with first-class service while promoting economic development and job creation by commercializing unique cultural, sports, entertainment and leisure attractions that make visiting Los Angeles an unparalleled experience. They operate from a main office in downtown Los Angeles as well as five additional access centers located throughout the city in Van Nuys, Reseda, Boyle Heights, Eighth District Constituent Center and San Pedro. The Engineering Office led by Municipal Engineer is primarily responsible for design and construction of public works projects and private developments that affect public right-of-way. Gordian is a leader in facility and construction cost data, software and services for all phases of building's lifecycle.

The mission of Department of Community Investment for Families is to align and increase community investments for families and neighborhoods in Los Angeles while creating opportunities for all Angelenos to thrive. The Policy requires eligible capital projects allocate one percent (1%) of design and construction fees to Civic Arts Program. The Department replaced Office of Disability which was a division of Mayor's Office in response to Rehabilitation Act 1973. The Office of Sanitation collects, treats and disposes wastewater from homes and businesses throughout greater Los Angeles area as well as 27 other cities by contract. Previously LACDA had to wait two to six months to contract construction services for each project while Job Order Contracting allowed them to address property needs in as little as 30 days. Funding construction projects in Los Angeles County can be a complex process due to its many stakeholders involved. The primary responsibility lies with the Board of Public Works Commissioners, who are appointed by the Mayor with confirmation from City Council for five-year terms.

This board serves as general manager for DPW while overseeing design execution on departmental projects. The Department also works closely with other departments such as Animal Services which provides services that allow people & animals to live together safely; LACERS which provides retirement trust funds; BCA which ensures all projects are built & managed according to plans & safety provisions; CTD which promotes economic development & job creation; Engineering Office which designs & constructs public works projects; Gordian which provides cost data & software; Community Investment for Families which increases community investments; Office of Sanitation which collects & disposes wastewater; & Office of Disability which replaced Mayor's Office in response to Rehabilitation Act 1973. The Policy requires eligible capital projects allocate one percent (1%) of design & construction fees to Civic Arts Program while Job Order Contracting allows them to address property needs quickly. Ultimately it is up to the Board of Public Works Commissioners to ensure that all stakeholders involved are working together efficiently & effectively towards successful completion & funding on construction projects within Los Angeles County.

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