The Most Ambitious Construction Projects in Los Angeles County, CA

Los Angeles has maintained its status as a development nexus despite recent challenges and, while developers stayed the course, they adapted to a new reality shaped by the pandemic. From obtaining online permissions to integrating contactless technologies, companies are stressing the importance of the functions needed to navigate the “new normal” and are responding to changing consumer preferences. We've compiled a list of notable projects, ranging from extensive mixed-use developments to major infrastructure improvements, all with a focus on improving mobility, promoting housing and sustainability, and creating civic destinations. These projects are expected to transform the city in the coming years.

Affordable units represent 20 percent of the 400-unit residential component, a positive step toward making downtown Los Angeles a place to live for people of all income levels, according to Jessica Lall, president of the business advocacy group Central City Association. Designed by architect Frank Gehry, The Grand will become “the linchpin of the Grand Avenue Arts Corridor,” Rick Vogel, Senior Vice President of Related, told Commercial Property Executive. The project has been under development since 2004, and the works are progressing even in the midst of the pandemic. The pandemic has changed development and design trends, and outdoor experiences are increasingly in demand.

Composed of public spaces, such as a landscaped plaza with open seating, The Grand will include the features necessary to navigate the new reality. Related intends to integrate contactless, frictionless and cashless technologies into the project, Vogel explained. Developers are committed to improving traffic flow in the area and promoting sustainability. 20 percent of the hotel's parking spaces will be adapted to electric vehicle charging.

The association is also investing in technological infrastructure and in the burial of overhead power lines and telecommunications infrastructure along the Olympic Boulevard. Distributed antenna systems are configured to offer 5G coverage, and Wi-Fi will be available in public and service areas. The project also addresses housing issues, and West Edge will include 121 affordable and workforce units. The plans include security elements, such as an air conditioning system that incorporates 100 percent outdoor air economizers and contactless functions in access controls, elevator systems and public restrooms.

In addition, the health crisis has led West Edge developers to carry out certain processes differently. Development has progressed recently, and workers have taken advantage of the lower volume of passengers and vehicles. Roads were closed for longer periods of time, without affecting airport operations, according to Jake Adams, Deputy Executive Director of Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), executive of LAMP's & program. Highway improvements include the expansion of La Ciénega Boulevard, Arbor Vitae Street and Century Boulevard, as well as the extension of 98th Street and Concourse Way.

LAWA has made the local community and small businesses a top priority. The contract also requires the use of small and local businesses, minority-owned businesses, businesses for disabled veterans, etc., Adams said. The line will offer transportation options along Crenshaw, Inglewood, Westchester and LAX, and will have eight new stations. Ubaldo explained that this will allow residents to travel throughout the county from Crenshaw to the airport, Santa Monica, downtown Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, Pasadena, Long Beach and Azusa.

In addition, the LAWA Airport Metro Connector and people transporter will provide a reliable connection to LAX. The Sixth Street viaduct which stretches across the Los Angeles River will be accompanied by a 12-acre park in Boyle Heights and the Arts District. Developed as a separate project, this green space will provide access to public art and recreational activities among others. Both sides of the road will have pedestrian paths that will cross the river with stairs and access ramps for pedestrians and cyclists.

The founders will oversee construction collection and endowment costs. It is estimated that this project will generate some 1 500 construction jobs and 350 permanent jobs when it is delivered later this year. The five-story facility will include 100 000 square feet of dedicated exhibition space a library theaters digital classrooms event spaces restaurants and offices. The museum will feature a “bold new architectural design” and will be a one-of-a-kind gathering place to enjoy exhibitions films and programs dedicated to the power of visual storytelling Lall explained.

The Museum's collection includes illustrations from books and magazines comics and comic strips paintings drawings photographs posters and visual materials from cinematographic arts. The exhibitions will feature works from this collection. You must be logged in to post a comment. The last section of the Purple Line Transit Extension Project Section 3 will add 2 56 miles of new line to Metro's train system connecting downtown Los Angeles with its west side.

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