Understanding Labor Laws in Los Angeles County, CA: An Expert's Guide

When constructing a building or other structure within Los Angeles County, California, it is essential to be aware of the labor laws that must be followed. The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) requires a permit for any work to build, alter, or repair private property in buildings within the city. This includes any electrical, plumbing, or mechanical equipment installed in these structures.

Industry Affecting Trade

The term 'industry affecting trade' refers to any industry or activity in commerce or in which a labor dispute may overload or obstruct trade or tend to hinder or obstruct trade or the free movement of trade.

This includes any organization of any kind, agency, committee, or employee representation plan in which employees participate and that exists for the purpose of dealing with employers in connection with complaints, labor disputes, salaries, pay rates, hours of employment, or working conditions.

Labor Disputes

A labor dispute is any controversy related to the terms, tenure, or conditions of employment, or with respect to the association or representation of individuals to negotiate, fix, maintain, change, or attempt to agree on terms or conditions of employment. To avoid labor disputes that interfere with the normal flow of trade and with the full production of items and commodities for trade, employers, employees and labor organizations must recognize by law the legitimate rights of each other in their mutual relations.

Specialized Intellectual Instruction and Study Courses

Employees who have completed specialized intellectual instruction and study courses described in clause (iv) of paragraph (a), and are performing related work under the supervision of a professional person to qualify to become a professional employee as defined in paragraph (a), may be eligible for certain benefits.

Labor Statistics Office

The Labor Statistics Office of the Department of Labor is authorized to provide data and factual information that may help resolve any labor dispute upon request from employers, employees or their representatives. However, no specific information that is submitted in confidence will be released.

Ditches and Excavations

It is important to note that a permit from LADBS is also required for building a ditch or excavation 5 feet or more deep to which anyone must descend if this activity is not covered by the project permit. An online mapping system that shows zoning information for parcels within the city of Los Angeles can also be used.

Unfair Labor Practices

Any official or employee of a labor organization who participates in an industry that affects trade with the intention of influencing it with respect to any of its actions, decisions, or obligations as an employee representative or as such official or employee of such labor organization may be subject to unfair labor practices. If given the preponderance of the testimony provided, the Board does not consider that the person named in the complaint has participated in such an unfair labor practice, then an order dismissing the complaint will be issued.

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