The Most Popular Construction Projects in Los Angeles County, CA

Los Angeles County is currently experiencing one of its most significant construction booms, with billions of dollars being invested in the development of airports, ports, train and subway lines, waterworks and other projects. Residential buildings are the most common type of construction project, but the most expensive one is a huge office complex in Universal City. Among the most popular construction projects in Los Angeles County are the LAX Land Access Modernization Program, The Grand, West Edge, The Sixth Street Viaduct, The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority project, the BART Extension project and the Relevant Group and Gensler's modular apartment towers.

The LAX Land Access Modernization Program

is a $5.5 billion endeavor that will improve access to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

It includes a new automated people mover system, a consolidated rental car facility and an intermodal transportation facility. Twenty percent of the 400-unit residential component will be affordable units, making downtown Los Angeles a place to live for people of all income levels.

The Grand

 designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry, will become “the linchpin of the Grand Avenue Arts Corridor”. It will include public spaces such as a landscaped plaza with open seating and contactless, frictionless and cashless technologies.

20 percent of the hotel's parking spaces will be adapted to electric vehicle charging.

West Edge

is a mixed-use development located in downtown Los Angeles. It includes 121 affordable and workforce units and features security elements such as an air conditioning system that incorporates 100 percent outdoor air economizers and contactless functions in access controls, elevator systems and public restrooms.

The Sixth Street Viaduct

is a bridge that stretches across the Los Angeles River.

It will be accompanied by a 12-acre park in Boyle Heights and the Arts District. Both sides of the road will have pedestrian paths that will cross the river, with stairs and access ramps for pedestrians and cyclists.

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority project

is the largest infrastructure project in the history of Santa Clara County. It involves the construction of new railroad lines, stations and related infrastructure to expand the reach of the BART system to previously underserved areas.

The BART Extension project is being planned by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro). It involves extending the BART system from its former end point in Alameda County to Santa Clara County through the East Bay.

Relevant Group and Gensler's modular apartment towers

in 3rd & Spring and 845 Olive in the center of Los Angeles achieved a surprising victory from behind. The five-story facility will include 100,000 square feet of dedicated exhibition space, a library, theaters, digital classrooms, event spaces, restaurants and offices. Los Angeles has maintained its status as a development nexus despite recent challenges and developers have adapted to a new reality shaped by the pandemic.

In a victory from behind, Streets For All's proposal to extend the Ballona Creek bike path won the title of best transportation project of the year.

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