Safety Measures for Building Construction in Los Angeles County, CA

Constructing a structure in Los Angeles County, CA requires special safety measures to guarantee that the project meets building regulations. It is essential to stay in contact with the local Building and Safety District Office to request regular inspections as each construction phase is finished. Obtaining a permit provides access to the services of a plan control engineer and a building inspector who will make sure that the plans meet minimum state building standards and that the construction is consistent with the plans and minimum standards of construction technique. Building Services is responsible for reviewing building plans to verify that they comply with building codes; issuing permits; inspecting building construction; managing and enforcing building codes; ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations; and providing general construction information.

All constructions or works for which a building permit is required will be subject to inspection by the building official and certain types of construction must undergo continuous or periodic special inspection, as specified in chapter 17 of the Los Angeles County Building Code. In some cases, industrial waste from Los Angeles County, the Los Angeles County Health Department, and other agencies must approve plans. A precise and detailed set of plans, specifications, and supporting documents is necessary for most construction projects. Construction is a considerable financial investment, which can be severely jeopardized if it does not conform to building regulations. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that Building and Safety carries out regular inspections as each construction phase is completed.

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