Exploring the Most Visible Construction Projects in Los Angeles County, CA

The Los Angeles County area is a hub of activity when it comes to construction projects. From the LAX Land Access Modernization Program to The Grand, a project designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry, there are plenty of projects that are transforming the area. The pandemic has shifted development and design trends, with outdoor experiences becoming increasingly popular. Developers are committed to improving traffic flow in the area and promoting sustainability.

The LAX Land Access Modernization Program is a positive step towards making downtown Los Angeles a place to live for people of all income levels. The Grand will become “the linchpin of the Grand Avenue Arts Corridor”, according to Rick Vogel, Senior Vice President of Related. It will include public spaces such as a landscaped plaza with open seating, and will integrate contactless, frictionless and cashless technologies into the project. 20 percent of the hotel's parking spaces will be adapted to electric vehicle charging.

The association is also investing in technological infrastructure and in the burial of overhead power lines and telecommunications infrastructure along the Olympic Boulevard. Distributed antenna systems are configured to offer 5G coverage, and Wi-Fi will be available in public and service areas. West Edge will include 121 affordable and workforce units, as well as security elements such as an air conditioning system that incorporates 100 percent outdoor air economizers and contactless functions in access controls, elevator systems and public restrooms. The LAX Land Access Modernization Program has made the local community and small businesses a top priority, requiring the use of small and local businesses, minority-owned businesses, businesses for disabled veterans, etc.

The Sixth Street viaduct will be accompanied by a 12-acre park in Boyle Heights and the Arts District. Both sides of the road will have pedestrian paths that will cross the Los Angeles River, with stairs and access ramps for pedestrians and cyclists. The Grand Avenue Arts Corridor is also home to a five-story facility that includes 100,000 square feet of dedicated exhibition space, a library, theaters, digital classrooms, event spaces, restaurants and offices. It will feature a “bold new architectural design” and will be a one-of-a-kind gathering place to enjoy exhibitions, films and programs dedicated to the power of visual storytelling.

There's also a growing shopping complex in the Arts District; twin 24-story apartment towers are being built on Spring Street; and a large mixed-use project is being built next to Pershing Square. Planned right in front of the Los Angeles Convention Center is a 53-story project that includes 1,024 hotel rooms in an area where city officials are desperate to add more accommodations for visitors. In total, 155 projects of at least 50,000 square feet were built between 1920 and 1929. The Olancha-Cartago 4-lane project is designed to minimize the impact of construction on the desert turtle; it includes new 10-foot shoulders, new ground-level intersections, two new structures over the Los Angeles aqueduct; and a new non-motorized multipurpose underpass. Canadian developer Onni Group plans to completely reimagine the Times Mirror Square complex (the former headquarters of the Los Angeles Times), demolish part of the property and erect two skyscrapers.

Shenzhen Hazens modified their plans for their project which now progresses as a 49-story residential tower and a 29-story hotel. John Bernardy brings three decades of experience to his position where he is responsible for operations and business development in Sacramento, Orange County, Los Angeles and Ventura.

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